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300-series School Routes Unavailable during March Break

March 6: As high schools will be closed during March Break (March 13-17), MiWay’s 300-series school routes will not be providing service. In addition to local and express routes, MiWay has 15 dedicated 300-series school routes that travel to and from high schools during the school year. Bus service on MiWay’s 300-series routes will resume on Monday, March 20.

February 27 Service Changes – Start today

February 27: Today we launch more service improvements that are part of the MiWay Five (2016-2020) Service Plan. Route Change 45 Winston Churchill 45A Winston Churchill - Speakman Now serving Winston Churchill Transitway Station Improved service frequency – all day seven days a week Better connections to the GO bus and train 66 McLaughlin Earlier Sunday service 71 Sheridan-Subway Now serving the [...]

More frequent service on Winston Churchill starts Feb. 27

February 6: On Monday, Feb. 27, MiWay Route 45 – Winston Churchill and Route 45A - Winston Churchill-Speakman will provide more frequent service at all times of the day and stop at the new Winston Churchill Transitway Station. These service frequency improvements will also provide better connections with GO bus and train service at the Clarkson GO station. Improved service frequencies [...]